Aquidneck Island

Originally, Aquidneck Island was home to the Narragansett Indian tribe, who cherished this land and considered it a peaceful retreat. Aquidneck Island came to mean “Isle of Peace.” A place of abundant wildlife, fertile soil, simple living and proximity to the bay.

During the 17th century, these charms caught the eyes of European settlers who established an enduring presence on the land.  In 1778, during the Revolutionary War, the area that The Aquidneck Club now stands upon was the scene of the historic Battle of Rhode Island.

Throughout our property native stone markers commemorate Bloody Run Creek, the Patriot’s Stand, and Hessians’ Hole. The Aquidneck Club is infused with history, and is dedicated to preserving it for years to come. Today, wildlife still make their homes in the unspoiled woods.